Phangela was founded in 2000 and the name Phangela, which means “to work”, is an all-encompassing description of our company culture and attitude. We started as a Labour Broking and Recruiting Company, predominantly servicing the Security Industry. The company was started with no investment capital and only one privately owned vehicle. Zane Ntoyakhe (Director of Staffing Solutions) and I slept in shipping containers at the Cape Town Harbour on many occasions to ensure we are at work the next day, despite cash flow issues in the early days of building the company.

In 2011 I was fortunate enough to convince three students, whom I mentored at the time, namely Keyan Oppel, Greg Staffen and Jaffer Meyers, to join me on a journey that would see us relentlessly seeking perfection in our shared mission to deliver service excellence. Since 2011 we have grown exponentially, not just in size, but more importantly, in knowledge and expertise.

Our shared ambition has forced us to be evolutionary. Our desire to be ever improving forces us to challenge ourselves every day by simply applying one of our core principles, which is “every passing minute is another opportunity to improve”.

Although we are primarily a Security Company, we have developed several other divisions due to client pleas for better services in other sectors. Our clients all enjoy the fact that we recognise that “service is not an effort or a cost, but rather an investment”. The other sectors in our company that add value to our “set up”, and equally important to our client relations, are Trolley Management (est. in 2010), Labour Broking (est. in 2000), Cleaning Division (est. in 2015) and, of course, Phangela Group S.W.A.T. (est. in 2015). All divisions operate individually in respect of Management, Payroll, Budgets and Measurables.

It has been a dream of mine to lead and create a corporate company that employs a large number of people who contribute positively to South Africa’s economy. A company in which individuals can find the creative business stimulation they crave. Security in RSA is not only an ever-evolving environment, but more importantly, it is changing from a luxury item to an essential and it has therefore become a specialist industry with infinite possibilities and opportunities for improvement and innovation.

We foresee the industry evolving aggressively in the nearby future despite the country’s economic constraints. The economic, political and criminal climate will require a different approach from private security companies whom will be playing a larger role in the safety and security of public lives and assets. Our opinion is that the environment will require the industry to shift away from employing minimally trained wage earners to well-trained salary earners that are equipped to deal with high level of incidences and or emergencies.

We at Phangela Group labour determinedly to ensure we remain at the forefront of this evolution and to be a serious trendsetter, not only in service delivery, but equally important, in the development and training of security personnel.

We have always been passionate about providing much needed employment to as many people as possible with the pure intention of improving the personal living conditions and educating the current generation to ensure that they can influence the next generation into a more ambitious, successful and healthy one. In order to achieve this it is of cardinal importance that we recruit and train individuals who understand our culture and our ambition, not only to provide an attractive service to our clients, but also to make significant differences to our industry and effectively contribute to the country’s economy.

The dynamic in which we operate is unique. In saying this, I am not referring to the industry, but rather in how Phangela operates. Our business model, operationally and financially, differs significantly from other companies’ in the industry and this is what we feel separates us from the rest and what ultimately makes us an attractive commodity to our clients. We undertook a SWOT analysis in 2013 and the biggest frustration clients had in the Security Industry was that they never knew what the productivity levels of the security companies they were dealing with were. We undertook to change this in 2014 and we have, and will, continue to implement various mechanisms and systems to ensure we are always measured.

We have committed ourselves to the key elements of client focus, as well as superior service levels, which meet and exceed client expectations through professionally managed and highly motivated officers, ongoing on- and off-site training, including continuous performance evaluations. We strive to render a superior and efficient service at the most competitive price, thereby adding value to your business.

On a personal note: Phangela started out as a way to a means, we then created a profit, which we diligently invested back into the business in our attempt to create a corporation and then…you need to find what gets you up in the morning and keeps you up at night. For me it’s always been to be the adult the childhood-me aspired to be…

My dream is to create an organisation that creates avenues for people with ambition to not only be recognised in, but more importantly, to thrive in.

I want to create successful people in a manner and fashion that the child in them will be proud of the adult they have become. The child in me is far from done with the adult-me and that should stand all our clients in good stead for a long time to come.

Charl Jacobs | CEO Phangela Group


"Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline.” “Good is the enemy of great. And that is one of the key reasons why we have so little that becomes great.”

Our Philosophy:

1. Active involvement in daily operations.
2. A “no-holds-barred” approach, delivering service excellence, integrity and transparency.
3. A hands-on Management team that is always involved in the running of operations.
4. We go the extra mile.

Our Commitment:
1. Continuous personnel training.
2. Community involvement that builds a positive and progressive image of the group and its personnel.
3. Rewarding personnel for excellence.
4. Creating opportunities for learning, growing and developing our personnel.

Our Mission:
We strive to render a superior and efficient service at the most competitive price, adding value to your business. We endeavour to create employment to disadvantaged individuals, providing them with knowledge and skills. We do not expose personnel to unfair labour practices and always adhere to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act as set by the South African Department of Labour.

Our Pledge:
A totally transparent relationship and working jointly with our clients, providing them with information and support at all times. To become an avid component of client endeavours, thereby maintaining dynamism and growth.


• Be more than a fair trade
• Consider it done accurately
• Every day is a competition
• Never be ordinary
• Sleep is for the weak
• Service is not an effort or a cost, its and investment
• 100% Product delivery
• We dictate the standard of service
• Be an Expert
• Give our staff a platform to succeed from
• We don’t react, we over react to our clients’ needs
• Trust our service and our product
• Be a Leader
• Always on and always available