S.W.A.T. Armed Escort Professionals for coordination and transportation of valuable assets and commodities for various operations and companies. We will escort your packages anywhere in the Western Cape.

Phangela Group S.W.A.T. Armed Escorts will secure a route and observe the packages from the moment they are loaded until they are delivered at their destination. These individuals work closely with the client to ensure that the route can be changed whenever needed.

Professional Bodyguards are also available to escort you home safely whenever needed. You will be met by an experienced, skilled bodyguard at a pre-arranged location and be escorted back to your home. You will be safe while you park your vehicle and enter your home, thereby reducing the risk of hijacking, assault or rape. Your bodyguard will then proceed to check your home for forced entry or any intruders.

Our service to you is designed to minimise the risks that you will encounter when returning home. We fail to understand why some companies who need secure armed courier and armed escort services choose to use mass-market, franchised guarding services to handle their valuables. Often at these companies, an atmosphere of overworked and underpaid officers is evident. Problems occur when these same individuals are hired to transport and protect items that are important to you or your clients.

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