• Perimeter Security
  • Access Control and Monitoring – either by dedicated access cards, registers, CCTV and/or other integrated technology solutions, from CCTV to alarm systems and panic buttons.
  • Armed Response Services
  • Daily Drills and Training Initiatives – to ensure staff can counter all possible threats they might encounter.
  • Management Involvement/Support – to monitor operations and obtain security updates.
  • Road Closures
  • Residential Security
  • Value-added Services – such as speed control measures, management of club house staff, golf course maintenance personnel, caddies and contractors.
  • Fully Equipped Patrol Vehicles – such as 4x4s, patrol quad bikes and scrambler motorcycles, depending on requirements and conditions.
  • Proactive, Intelligence-driven Operations – outside the immediate estate perimeter, utilising air support to counter potential crime threats in the general vicinity of the estate (Phangela has state-of-the-art intelligence gathering facilities).

Security personnel are trained exclusively for estate requirements, such as:

  • High-risk Patrol Duties
  • First Aid
  • Firefighting
  • Snake Catching
  • Speed Trapping/Estate Rules Compliance Requirements
  • Equestrian Patrols
  • Swimming and Lifesaving
  • Dealing with Domestic Disputes
  • Health and Safety
  • Crime Scene Handling and Investigation
  • Firearm Handling
  • Defensive Driving
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Advanced Control Room Training
  • Advanced Life Support Medical Service linked to our Control Rooms
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