The Phangela Group S.W.A.T. Riot Control Team is new in the field of labour disruption security. Our riot professionals are specifically trained to do their job as we do not deem it fit for “normal security officers” to control crowds without the correct training.

We provide Security Professionals who are experienced and trained to keep people, as well as property, safe during disruptive situations. Discipline, experience and knowledge characterise the our Riot Control Unit, which makes us the obvious choice for any client and situation.

Our capabilities include business interruption contingency planning and consulting, security personnel and services, logistics support as well as pre- and post-crisis counselling.

Riot Control professionals are trained in a variety of safety and security techniques, including counter surveillance, surveillance and defensive/offensive driving. Officers are also trained in first aid and are in constant contact with our 24/7 Nerve Centre for security alerts and deployment of additional support.

Phangela can provide assistance during labour unrest and strikes, not only by mitigating your risk, but by supplying you with TEMP LABOUR FORCE to ensure productivity continues. These include Mining, Road Transport, Manufacturing, Distribution and the Retail Industry. Phangela provides services, such as Response, Risk Mitigation and Risk Prevention during the planning and execution phases of dealing with strike action.


  • Trained Managers and Coordinators
  • Trained Security Personnel equipped with riot gear
  • Personal Protective Equipment i.e. armed vehicles/ bullet-proof vests and surveillance cameras
  • Armed Security Officers
  • Armed Escorts
  • Armoured Vehicles
  • Police Liaison Services
  • Communication Equipment and Support
  • Audio Visual Surveillance Support
  • Aerial Surveillance Support
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