Undercover [ UC ] investigations provide intimate information by actual interaction with employees, providing a basis for interviewing malfeasant employees to ultimately solve problems in the workplace, in many cases before they cause huge financial losses due to theft, serious injury, or liability.

We tailor our investigation depending upon the needs of the case, the company’s budgetary requirements and your attorneys’ directives.

An Operative, working daily inside the Company alongside the other employees, is in a position to develop information regarding alcohol abuse, illegal drugs, cargo theft, dangerous weapons, sexual misconduct, or any other problems encountered during the Operative’s performance of his or her normal work duties.

Because we’re cognizant of, and sensitive to, labour law considerations, issues of unfair labour practices and entrapment, we can assure our clients that everyone’s rights will be strictly protected throughout our UC investigation.

Our Operatives are well trained and experienced and only such will be deployed for any assignments; UC’s should receive ongoing daily interaction and directives from a Case Manager.