S.W.A.T. is exclusively dedicated to the Commercial and Residential Industry. S.W.A.T.’s Tactical Reaction Vehicles are equipped with holding cells, firefighting equipment and first aid equipment. Ensuring we entrench ourselves within communities, we have equipped our vehicles with electronic tablets to ensure Facebook, WhatsApp and EMS information is easily shared. S.W.A.T.’s revolutionary state-of-the-art Nerve Centre allows us to combat urban crime effectively and with precision. Our urban soldiers that man our Tactical Vehicles are S.W.A.T. trained to ensure positive resolve for you and your loved ones. S.W.A.T. is a division of Phangela Group.


Our 24/7 Control Room is equipped with the latest technology with highly trained and experienced professionals able to deal with any and all emergency situations with ease and in a highly professional manner. Our experienced Armed Response Teams are among the most skilled in the business, with the right equipment and expertise to resolve anything that comes their way.


By providing off-site CCTV monitoring, we can secure your premises 24/7 at a highly competitive cost. Utilising camera systems with external detector-activated technology, our Control Room can view all areas of your premises at any given time, enabling an effective and cost-efficient first line of defence against intrusion, immediately escalating any instances of intrusion to the local police authority and site representative as appropriate. S.W.A.T. response would be requested at this stage.

CCTV Monitoring enables us to provide visual verification in a digital format to SAPS for evidentiary purposes, providing better possibility of prosecutions against intruders and vandals. This provides the perfect solution by complementing the manned patrolling aspect with enhancements, such as adding an alarm system, cameras and detectors/beams. It is designed to be an events management tool and also an independent off-site backup security system. S.W.A.T. monitors each site with a secondary layer of protection. In addition, this system is technically designed not to miss an alarm, intrusion or event.

We strive to build a close and transparent relationship with all our clients, be it household or commercial. We work closely with the local SAPS by attending meetings with them on a regular basis, discussing all aspects of security in the areas in an attempt to minimise crime rates. We are also in radio contact with the SAPS providing the quickest possible form of communication to them to assist with crime prevention and protection of all residents.

Phangela Group Armed Response Officers are carefully recruited and trained in a variety of safety and security techniques. They are in constant contact with our 24-hour Control Room for any security alerts.

Phangela Group S.W.A.T. is a highly devoted firm that, amongst other aspects, handles protection of dignitaries and high-profile personalities. We employ highly experienced, trained professionals and will provide the solution to protecting your assets and people. Training for our Armed Response Unit includes instruction in criminal law, tactical training, fire prevention, first aid and physical fitness.


Phangela Group S.W.A.T. alarms are designed to keep you safe, incorporating cutting-edge technological solutions. A variety of Access Control options, indoor passives and keypad control systems are available. We tailor make every system to your individual risk requirements. Our alarms are an integrated and holistic solution and all alarm systems from Phangela Group S.W.A.T. have backing from our SAIDSA-accredited Nerve Centre and Armed Response Division.


Phangela Group S.W.A.T. electric fence is one of the most effective security measures you can take to deter intruders. The sight of a visible security measure, like an electric fence, is hugely valuable in the protection of your premises. The combination of electric fence, CCTV cameras and an alarm system will ensure that criminals go elsewhere.


Phangela Group S.W.A.T. installs various premium Access Control Systems, stand-alone to networked systems. These include the deployment of proximity and biometric systems and installation of traffic barriers and turnstiles.

Access Control is the practice of restricting the entry of people to specific areas or the use of a specific resource. This is obtained by using a physical barrier in conjunction with a verification device to grant access or use of a resource. The key is to identify the desired goals of exercising Access Control and then to select the system that meets the operational goals. We install Access Control Systems, from stand-alone units, to multi-site systems, including the use of proximity and biometric readers.

Access Control Services offered by Phangela Group S.W.A.T. include:

  • Gate Automation

  • Traffic Barriers

  • Turnstiles

  • Biometric Controls

  • Facial Recognition

The Phangela Group S.W.A.T. Riot Control Team is new in the field of labour disruption security. Our riot professionals are specifically trained to do their job as we do not deem it fit for “normal security officers” to control crowds without the correct training.

We provide Security Professionals who are experienced and trained to keep people, as well as property, safe during disruptive situations. Discipline, experience and knowledge characterise the our Riot Control Unit, which makes us the obvious choice for any client and situation.

Our capabilities include business interruption contingency planning and consulting, security personnel and services, logistics support as well as pre- and post-crisis counselling.

Riot Control professionals are trained in a variety of safety and security techniques, including counter surveillance, surveillance and defensive/offensive driving. Officers are also trained in first aid and are in constant contact with our 24/7 Nerve Centre for security alerts and deployment of additional support.

Phangela can provide assistance during labour unrest and strikes, not only by mitigating your risk, but by supplying you with TEMP LABOUR FORCE to ensure productivity continues. These include Mining, Road Transport, Manufacturing, Distribution and the Retail Industry. Phangela provides services, such as Response, Risk Mitigation and Risk Prevention during the planning and execution phases of dealing with strike action.

The characteristics of a trained VIP Protector is a professional who comprehends the needs and stress of well-known figures, together with the requirement for individual, unobtrusive protection standards in an often crowded environment. Our VIP Protection Professionals are people who can provide this service while remaining discreet.

We know that a VIP is accorded special privileges due to their status and that they often attract positive, as well as negative, attention. We protect celebrities, heads of government, major business personalities, wealthy individuals, politicians and any other person who requires special protection.

Our VIP Protection Professionals are specifically trained to handle any situation they might be faced with. They are intelligent, confident, ethical, disciplined, modest, reliable, alert, well groomed and well spoken.

S.W.A.T. Armed Escort Professionals for coordination and transportation of valuable assets and commodities for various operations and companies. We will escort your packages anywhere in the Western Cape.

Phangela Group S.W.A.T. Armed Escorts will secure a route and observe the packages from the moment they are loaded until they are delivered at their destination. These individuals work closely with the client to ensure that the route can be changed whenever needed.

Professional Bodyguards are also available to escort you home safely whenever needed. You will be met by an experienced, skilled bodyguard at a pre-arranged location and be escorted back to your home. You will be safe while you park your vehicle and enter your home, thereby reducing the risk of hijacking, assault or rape. Your bodyguard will then proceed to check your home for forced entry or any intruders.

Our service to you is designed to minimise the risks that you will encounter when returning home. We fail to understand why some companies who need secure armed courier and armed escort services choose to use mass-market, franchised guarding services to handle their valuables. Often at these companies, an atmosphere of overworked and underpaid officers is evident. Problems occur when these same individuals are hired to transport and protect items that are important to you or your clients.