Phangela Group S.W.A.T. alarms are designed to keep you safe, incorporating cutting-edge technological solutions. A variety of Access Control options, indoor passives and keypad control systems are available. We tailor make every system to your individual risk requirements. Our alarms are an integrated and holistic solution and all alarm systems from Phangela Group S.W.A.T. have backing from our SAIDSA-accredited Nerve Centre and Armed Response Division.


Phangela Group S.W.A.T. electric fence is one of the most effective security measures you can take to deter intruders. The sight of a visible security measure, like an electric fence, is hugely valuable in the protection of your premises. The combination of electric fence, CCTV cameras and an alarm system will ensure that criminals go elsewhere.


Phangela Group S.W.A.T. installs various premium Access Control Systems, stand-alone to networked systems. These include the deployment of proximity and biometric systems and installation of traffic barriers and turnstiles.

Access Control is the practice of restricting the entry of people to specific areas or the use of a specific resource. This is obtained by using a physical barrier in conjunction with a verification device to grant access or use of a resource. The key is to identify the desired goals of exercising Access Control and then to select the system that meets the operational goals. We install Access Control Systems, from stand-alone units, to multi-site systems, including the use of proximity and biometric readers.

Access Control Services offered by Phangela Group S.W.A.T. include:

  • Gate Automation
  • Traffic Barriers
  • Turnstiles
  • Biometric Controls
  • Facial Recognition
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