At Phangela we believe that our people contribute to the success and growth of our business. They make the difference.   It is with that in mind that our recruitment and selection of staff is conducted on the basis of the company and client requirements. This process and the criteria for recruitment are non-discriminatory and fair in terms of relevant legislations. Namely: The PSIRA Act, Labour Relations Act, Skills Development Act, Employment Equity Act, and Basic Conditions of Employment Act.


In order to ensure career opportunities are made available, the company will advertise all positions internally at the same time as they are advertised externally.

Recruitment may be by way of word of mouth, job portals, advertising, employment agencies or a combination of these sources.


Phangela strives to finding, selecting and appointing the best candidates across all levels of the organisation, while at the same time, ensuring we achieve our organisational goals. We therefore follow a strict recruitment process consisting of various levels.

  • Pre-employment Screening
    1. Applicant must be 18 years and older
    2. Be Presentable
    3. Grade 11 Education Level
    4. Communication must be clear
    5. Must have a valid SA ID Book/Card
    6. PSIRA Registration
    7. Be Contactable
  • Aptitude test, where reporting writing skills and basic knowledge of security is tested.
  • Shortlisted candidates complete an application form and an In-depth Interview is conducted. The applicant’s documentation is checked and verified
  • Reference Checks are done
  • Finger prints are taken
  • Successful Candidates complete a 10 day Induction Programme
  • Final Assessment is completed
  • Signing of Employment Agreement
  • Issuing of Uniform, Transport Money, Name Tag and Roster
  • Officers are handed over to Operations


Phangela ensures that’s its employees are provided with the opportunities for career development and succession planning, while at the same time expecting the employees to take responsibility for their own growth and development.

The training needs are identified through various ways, namely client needs, operational requirements, and through our performance management system.


The aim of the induction program is to bridge the gap between the knowledge personnel obtained when they did their PSIRA registered training courses and what is practically expected in the industry and on site

The secondary function of induction is to motivate and orientate the employees into the Phangela Culture. This in turn will contribute towards the minimisation of staff turnover and customer satisfaction.

The training consists of both theory and particle training with various assessments being complete throughout the two weeks. When the officers are handed over to Operations they undergo further onsite training.


1.     Company Orientation

2.     Policies and Procedures

3.     Personal Hygiene and Wellness

4.     Basic Finance

5.     Legal Aspect

6.     Observation

7.     Guarding and Patrolling

8.     Handover and Takeover

9.     Lost Property

10.   Reporting for Duty

11.   Access Control

12.   Searching

13.   Administration

14.   Written Reports and Statements

15.   Basic Telephone and Radio Communication

16.   Role in Emergency

17.   Basic Fire Fighting

18.   Customer Service

19.   Systems (Bloodhound/At the Gate)

20.   Site Specific

STUDY ASSISTANCE (Learnerships / Bursaries / Internships)

Phangela encourages the continuous development and training of all its employees and will consider providing financial assistance to employees who want to further their studies in the event that the direction of study is in line with their current position, or future role within the company.


To ensure our Security maintains a high level of productivity and proficiency, we encourage ongoing training by running on-the-job training sessions and various Refresher Training Modules.


Our Supervisors remain the core in our leadership chain. They have the greatest impact over our largest number of employees. Our Supervisor Training is therefore designed to develop our Supervisors’ confidence and to provide them with the necessary skills and tools to manage the performance of their team members, while giving them the skills for career enhancement.


  • The transition from worker to leader
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Setting goals
  • Building teams
  • Role of First Line Manager
  • Communications
  • Team goals
  • Planning
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Written communications
  • Performance management
  • Meetings
  • Delegation
  • Leading diverse teams
  • Feedback
  • On-site induction
  • Timesheet/payroll
  • Leadership styles
  • Time management


Our Management Courses are aimed at growing our Managers to gain the skills needed for career enhancement, while at the same time helping our organisation improve efficiency, reduce risk and deliver a competitive advantage.


  • Presentation skills
  • Communications
  • Discipline
  • Performance discussions
  • Team-building practice
  • Feedback
  • Time management
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Managing poor performance
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Coaching and delegating
  • Goal setting
  • Managing conflict
  • Service delivery
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Plan, do and review
  • Team building


Basic Health and Safety, Firefighting, Role in Emergency and First Aid is covered in our 10-day Induction Programme. Further in-depth safety training is scheduled based on the legislative requirement and client requests.


Our Wellness Programme and Incentives contribute to growing our workplace’s camaraderie, increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism, while, at the same time, ensuring we have healthier employees.

  • Education through the various Wellness Training Modules (example: TB/HIV Awareness, You are What You Eat, Diversity Training)
  • Promoting physical fitness: we have a gym on site
  • Trauma support and counselling provided
  • Regular climate surveys to identify focus areas to improve on
  • Employee of the Month is an opportunity for us to single out a star employee for the month
  • Supervisor Bonuses
  • Long Service Awards to acknowledge the years’ service as a valued employee:
    R500 after 5 years
    R1 000 after 10 years
    R5 000 after 20 years
  • Our “Buried Life Project” is an idea in which employees at Phangela Group can request a wish to the value of R5000. Each month one person will be selected to achieve their dream.
  • Site Attendance Bonuses
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